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Thorn: Carter Kids #2 pdf [ Free Download]

Chloe Walsh: Thorn: Carter Kids #2

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*Is it possible to love the one who broke you?* A fighter with a chip on his shoulder. A woman with a grudge to settle. He is her greatest weakness. She is his ultimate opponent. He is the one person to break through her defenses. She is the one person who can bring him to his knees. Thorn – when love and hate collide, it ignites a love affair to last a lifetime. "The man who loved me was a fighter. He was dangerous, treacherous, and he called me his thorn. I was his strength and his weakness all rolled into one and he was mine. He was trained – bred – to play a pivotal part in an underworld concocted of violence and destruction. The question was, could I love him in spite of the danger he represented to my life? Could I love him in spite of the danger he represented to my soul?" Noah and Teagan's fragile relationship never stood a chance – not with Noah's meddling stepsister and Teagan's overbearing uncle – not to mention Noah's aggressive ex, Reece, and the volatile criminal gang out for both their blood. Fast forward to seven years later, and, Noah fresh out of a prison cell, has taken the sports world by storm. He's the best. A fighter. The champ. Unattainable. Unbeatable. But none of that matters to Noah. All he wants is vindication and revenge on the woman who broke his heart and abandoned him when he needed her most – his Thorn. Teagan has spent the last seven years licking her wounds in a backstreet flat in Cork City. Left reeling over Noah's actions that night, Teagan has spent years trying to piece her life back together, but the memory of what she saw that night continues to haunt her, making her bitter and cold. Desperate to move on from Noah once and for all, Teagan throws herself into a relationship with her first-love Liam, forcing herself to move on despite the protests of her heart. "Liam… he's what's right for me." "He's not what's right for you, Teagan," Noah snarled, chest heaving. "He's what's safe for you." He beat his fist against his chest and that passionate display of male dominance caused me to clench tight in anticipation. "I'm what's right for you. Me." One fateful night brings the pair back together again. For Noah, it's a triumph. For Teagan, it's a travesty. Old feelings burst to the surface, burning brighter and hotter than ever before, and throwing a spanner in the works for Teagan's fickle relationship with Liam. But are their feelings too strong to deny? Can she let go of the past? Can Noah trust the woman who walked away from him? "Just say it and we can move on." She shook her head and I lost it. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I demanded, furious. "I can't," she whispered. "Because if I admit I was wrong, then I'm to blame. It's my fault I've spent almost a decade broken hearted. I would have left you rot and I think the guilt will consume me." Thorn is the spicy third installment of the Carter Kids Series from bestselling author Chloe Walsh. This is a story full of chemistry, anger, sexual tension, and pushing each other's buttons. Due to its explicit content, bad language, fighting scenes, and graphic sexual content, Thorn (Carter Kids #2) is recommended for readers of eighteen years and above. 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